DCS Minutes 01/28/10

Chez Del

12:40 - 1:27 p.m.

Call to order 12:40 p.m.

Review of Minutes - approval of previous DCS minutes

A private meeting was held with Karen Weldin Stewart recently regarding our current "equal pay for equal services" bill. She said that the best way for her to help us, is for as many complaints as possible be sent directly to her office. The complaints should be in the form of EOBs with denials for services that chiropractor's are entitled to perform but denied payment from insurance. More specifically: Claim #, Policy #, esp. Blue Cross claims

-Dr. Tyson Bohl was nominated as 2010 VP of DCS
-Dr. Chris Baldt is now the ACA "insurance regulations liason"
-ACA is willing to give us assistance with any political agenda (co-pays, Medicaid).

Current list of committee chairs and/or potential chairs:
Seminar - Doug Fascik
Coffee - Cheryl Epps
Legislation - Trent Camp, George Schreppler, Stacy Cohen, Ken Decker
Membership - Len Kostow
ACA - Emily Swonguer, Mike Triglia, Chris Baldt
Work Comp - Doug Briggs
Marketing - Scott Schreiber
Gov. Dinner - Stacy Cohen, George Schreppler

Save the date: April 17th-18th, at the Ramada in Newark. It will be 12 CEs. Covered for DE, NJ, (PA, and MD pending), flyer attached to email. Contact Julie Bracken at 610-932-9061 for more details or questions. There may be a Nutri-West Seminar in the fall put on by Bruce/Nadine Carrick.

-ACA news: Since Massachusetts is going republican, Health Care is on "ice" for now. Chiros and their patients are still encouraged to use Chirovoice as an easy to send an email letter directly to congress. Chiropractor's are also advised to support the CHAMP fund. A national PAC fund that directly helps out in Washington. Emily Swonguer has requested to send a DCS check directly to the CHAMP fund, to show our support at the Federal level.
Roger Roy mentioned that there are going to be two open seats in the PAC. We need to find out who will occupy the new seats and start to make friends.

Coffee Event June 30th , 2010.

Meeting adjourned 1:27 p.m.

NEXT MEETING -- ????. Location to be announced soon.

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