DCS Minutes 2/7/2012

Smyrna Diner

DCS president, Dr. Briggs, called the meeting to order. Dr. Douglas Briggs introduced Insurance Commissioner Stewart. She discussed recent activities in the office, Delaware chiropractors' concerns, and her upcoming bid for re-election. She has a fundraiser in Feb 29.

Treasurer's Report

Dr.Decker reported $10,800 in general fund and reminded us that dues must be paid by the end of the month.

PAC Report

Dr. Shreppler reports a stable PAC fund which will be increased as 2012 dues are paid. State legislators' fundraisers are just starting and will continue during this election year. A current calendar of fundraising events will be posted on the website.

Old Business

Scott Chambers reports that the parity bill is in draft form and has been circulated. He also reports that Scott Rosenthal has been in contact with the people who put through a similar bill in Connecticut. The bill is ready for presentation, the question is when is the appropriate time to introduce it. Roger Roy was consulted regarding timing. He suggested introducing the bill when it is ready and being persistent until it's passed.

New Business

Mr. Roger Roy brings to attention the acupuncture board has introduced 20 pages to the regulatory board which could possibly be an attempt to prevent DCs from practicing acupuncture in the state of DE. He suggested having Scott Chambers review the document which can be found on the registry's website.
Senator Patty Blevins, majority leader and chiropractic supporter, will have an upcoming fundraiser. Donations are welcome.
Douglas Briggs discussed HCAP. He states if you submit a "clean bill" you should be paid in 30 days. Appropriate documentation must be provided along with the bill. The insurance companies are not allowed to use their internal pay schedules, if they recognize the bill they must pay it in its entirety within 30 days. Also the chronic pain category will be reviewed and clarified in upcoming HCAP meetings.


Next week Dr. Briggs will be going to DC for the National Chiropactic Legislative Conference. ACA is working on the ASH issue nationally. They are also lobbying for physician parity on a national level.


The results as voted by attending members:
President: Trent Camp
VP: Chris Schellinger
Secretary: Jessica Bohl
Treasurer: Bryan Errico

Dr. Camp spoke about what to expect in the upcoming year from DCS including regular updates from the society, updated website, promoting chiropractic in the state of DE, and CEU seminars.

Meeting was adjourned

Addendum: The 2012 executive committee met immediately following the meeting and voted to continue to retain Mr. Scott Chambers for DCS legal counsel and Mr. Roger Roy as lobbyist.

(Pending approval at 3/6 meeting)

NEXT MEETING -- March 6th, 2012. Our next meeting will be held at 7:00 at T3 MRI. The address is 1 Centurian Drive #107, Newark, DE.

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