Our Mission

The Delaware Chiropractic Society promotes, protects and preserves the art, science and philosophy of the chiropractic profession and to assure that only doctors of chiropractic offer this service in the state of Delaware. The Society serves doctors of chiropractic by providing a positive vision for the profession. We recognize diversity and yet provide one unified voice in governmental relations, continuing education, and communications. Delaware Chiropractic Society members provide leadership in healthcare by demanding the highest educational standards and adherence to the highest moral and ethical standards, thus providing the patients we serve with the best non-invasive approach to health and wellness available. The DCS strives to eliminate barriers to patient access so that our members can compete effectively in the healthcare delivery system by interacting with the decision-makers so that chiropractic healthcare is widely known and understood by society.


Our Vision

We, the Delaware Chiropractic Society, are proud to be a dynamic, proactive advocate of chiropractic, the patients it serves and the licensed doctors it represents. Knowing that chiropractic is 21st Century healthcare we are working together enlightening the public and striving to make chiropractic a key player in the delivery of healthcare and wellness to the people of Delaware and the nation. We see the expanding demand for chiropractic requiring a Society that professionally promotes and safeguards the rights of our practitioners and provides exceptional communication and service to our member doctors. As a Society we strive for equal recognition and participation for chiropractic in government healthcare programs, private insurance plans and in all other healthcare arenas which impact the delivery of healthcare to the people of Delaware. As a team we invest in research, legislation, communication, education and service for the benefit of the citizens of the great state of Delaware.

Our Purpose

To serve as a representative membership organization of the chiropractic profession in Delaware; to maintain the science of chiropractic as a separate and distinct healing arts profession; to protect in every way, not contrary to law, the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic and professional welfare of its members; to establish and maintain the standard of education, ethics and professional competency necessary or desirable to meet the requirements of the profession and the expectations of society; to reestablish and maintain the most desirable relationship within the chiropractic profession and with other professions, organizations, governmental agencies and groups; to establish in the public mind an understanding which will assure maximum recognition and acceptance of the profession, its programs and practices; and to do all things necessary and proper in the interest of the chiropractic profession and its members in carrying out the foregoing purpose.